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freelance front-end web dev, podcastaholic & admitted wow player - creator of Bermuda Mapp - equal parts candid and snarky ;)

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Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

My one go-to appetizer recipe. These have the same texture as chicken wings and are served with a delicious homemade blue cheese dip.

Creamy Pesto Pasta Sauce

Just a hint of pesto and a handful of shedded kale add another dimension to this very quick and easy alfredo sauce.

Roasted Asian Vegetables

Sweet, crunchy and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Whip these up in 20 minutes flat for a very easy and delicious Asian side dish- Steph's favorite! Love you St...

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

A chewy, crunchy Asian meat mixture served in butter lettuce cups with assorted dipping sauces.