Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Edit: As this is (amusingly) my most popular blog post- I’d LOVE to hear your best Drunk Jenga block ideas. Leave a comment below!

Here’a fun one. Same rules as regular jenga- i.e. take turns removing one block at a time from the tower and placing it on top- but you sacrifice your pieces and write crazy challenges on them in sharpie beforehand. Careful- don’t forget that you’ve written on the blocks and then pull out the game to play with your grandmother or 6-year-old cousin. Eeeesh, that would be so fucking awkward. Also, don’t forget that if you knock over the tower you have to finish your drink. Yes, all of it.

The best way to think of ideas is to grab a few friends and sit down with markers and booze. Pieces with “…” at the end can be played in several ways. For example, before the game begins you may chose to have everyone pair up and agree that all of the “…” blocks apply to your designated partner. Or, alternatively, you can decide to make the “…” blocks apply to the person sitting directly to your left/right. For example if you decided to partner with the person on your left and you pulled the “Watch a porn video with…” block, you’d have to go into another room and watch porn with that person. It’s even better when it’s an awkward block AND an awkward gender combination. HAHAHA. Also, don’t scoff at the “Write yourself a message for the AM” or “Take picture with…” blocks- they can really help you remember what the FUCK you did last night!

Finally, some ideas to get you started (also, see photo above):

  • Skinny dip
  • Tell a sexual fantasy
  • Finish your drink (and get another)
  • Swear every sentence until the end of the game
  • Talk in an accent for the rest of the game
  • Don’t talk at all
  • Drink some water
  • Never have I ever (3 fingers, 5 finger etc.)
  • Touch yourself
  • Nibble someone’s earlobe
  • Maintain physical contact with the person to your left for the rest of the game
  • Make a drink using something in the fridge
  • Caress…
  • Give an ice cube to…
  • 7 minutes in heaven with…
  • Make an animal noise
  • Truth or dare
  • Staring contest
  • Swap clothing with…
  • Do a lap around the house
  • Give someone a hickey
  • Kiss the dog/cat/iguana

Get creative. Get drunk. Be safe kids. For more ideas check out this massive tile list.

Also, I recently saw this MASSIVE DRUNK JENGA SET at a bar in Florida. Serious kudos to those clever fuckers:

Yard of Ale on South Howard Avenue in Tampa, Florida.